About Me

Who Am I and Why Am I Doing This

Hello and welcome, my name is Stuart, and I am a second generation Glazier. Well I used to be, my career trajectory has shot off on a completely different tangent. I am now in the transitional stage of becoming a web programmer / social media guru. But for now, I am a lowly university student, trying to make my mark on this thing called the interwebz. Being the internet is for the furthering and sharing of knowledge, I thought I would enlighten you all with my knowledge of glass and glass related…things.

The Avatar...What's Up With That?

Aside from trying to keep a small amount of anonymity, the purpose of this avatar is three fold. Fold the first is the upward angle, and view of the sky. It represents the future…it is up there…just out of our grasp. The second of the folds is the piece of glass. You know, because the future is clear…and so is the glass. And fold the last, but in no way fold the least, is my hand. Yes that is my hand, glorious isn’t it? This is because the future is in our hands…deep, is it not?

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